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Woolless and Hair Sheep Breeders in Europe
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The breakdown of wool markets in Northern Europe has led to a steady decrease of prices for raw wool. Once highly sought after and valuable, wool has now become more of a troublesome and uneconomic by-product of meat production throughout the region. The high quality fine wool still in demand is imported from other continents, notably Australasia, at prices with which European producers cannot compete.

Many European farmers have thus said goodbye to the old double-purpose concept of wool and mutton and have embraced the low cost, high quality mutton only breeds. The Nolana Network is a forum for the exchange of ideas and experience between those involved in the production of such sheep. If you'd like to get in touch or add your site to this page then please email us.

Online Members of the Nolana Network:-
Nolana Haarschafe
Nolana Sheep
Dr. Rolf Minhorst
Since the early nineties the woolless Nolana Sheep have been expanding throughout Germany. This site also features the largest Wiltshire Horn flock outside the U.K. in Northern Europe.
Nolana HaarschafeEnglish translation well under way!
Easy Care Sheep
Easy Care Sheep Society
R.I."Iolo" Owen, M.B.E., F.R.Ag.S
Wales, U.K.
Almost three decades of breeding have led to the highly successful Easy Cares.
Easy Care Sheep
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Non-Member Sites of Interest:-
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Wiltshire Horn Sheep Society
Extensive information about the Wiltshire Horn, including a history of the breed.
Australian Wiltshire Horns
Lots of history and information about Wiltshire Horns in Australia.
Maryland Hair Sheep
American hair sheep information and links.
The Pickwick Stud
The largest Wiltshire Horn stud in New South Wales and one of the largest in Australia.
Groote Haar Wiltshire Horn
Dutch Wiltshire Horn breeder Silvia Bouwman's site.
General info about hair sheep and more specific details on the American breeds.

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